We have distributed decisions on bursary applications. The recipients should reply to our mail and wait for corresponding setting in their Conftool registration form. Those accepting suport of real participation should register with student fee.

International Union of Crystallography provides significant but limited funds for support of students and young participants (till the age of 30, exceptionally 35).

The supported participants will be selected by the bursary committee from the participants registered and delivering the below documents by April 6, 2021.
However, the applicants should not hesitate since we may consider the time of submission.

The applicants should not pay the fees before they receive decision. Time discounts are kept for them even after corresponding deadline.

Any applicant asking for support must:

  1. Create his/her profile in the Conftool registration system
  2. Submit documents there (please, select Bursary application there in Your submissions) – an abstract of the contribution prepared according to the general instructions for abstract preparation via the registration system
  3. Upload the motivation letter, a short c.v., bibliography (articles or other publications written by the applicant) and supporting letter from the supervisor.

The support for selected applicants will include:

  1. Reduced registration fee. However, the whole fee cannot be covered from the funds.
  2. Free accommodation at student’s dormitory for the time of congress.
  3. Partial reimbursement of travel expenses and some daily allowances if not supported from other sources.
  4. Significant reduction of the registration fee for virtual participation
    (it is sufficient to select Virtual participation only – in participation options in Conftool user profile)

The applicant, when receiving money, must sign that he/she is not applying for the same cost elsewhere.

The decision of support will be sent back by the end of April when co-chairs select lectures for their sessions.
Please, do not pay the reduced registration fee before receiving the e-mail with decision from the organization committee.

For bursary application go to the Registration system:

Other possible sources

MDPI – Crystals (deadline March 30)