1. Login
  2. Connection test
  3. Exploring the program
  4. Entering the live stream and interacting with others
  5. Entering the poster sessions
  6. Contacting other participants
  7. Contacting technical support


If you have registered for IUCr2021, your gCon account has been created for you automatically. For the first login, you will need to use an auto-generated password, and then you will be able to set the password of your choice. 

Connection test

We kindly ask you to check that you meet all technical requirements of the conference system. This is particularly important to use the Ask Live feature. The requirements include a good internet connection, a supported internet browser, and sound and video check. Please especially make sure that you are using a supported browser. Mozilla Firefox is NOT supported. Please perform a quick Connection test, accessible from your Personal page. Follow the instructions in the diagram below.

Exploring the program

You can explore the program through the Program Overview or the Detailed Program, both accessible from the Program menu. By clicking on a presentation, you can read a detailed description and view the uploaded on-demand materials. You can interact with the author and other participants through text messages under the Discussions tab.

Entering the live stream and interacting with others

Enter the live stream through the LIVE STREAM menu item or, alternatively, through the Detailed Program. In the live stream, you can type short questions to be asked during the Q&A through the Questions tab in the live stream. The questions will be selected and asked by the chair. You can also ask directly using your microphone and camera by clicking the Ask Live button. Once the session chair invites you to the live stream, you can ask your question. To make sure that your computer is correctly configured for that, please do in advance the Connection test, accessible from your Personal page. Note that the stream you were watching before asking the question is delayed, so you will be transported in time 10-20 seconds forward when admitted as an active participant to ask your question in the live stream.

Entering the poster sessions

Posters are not in the live session stream, but in individual interactive rooms. They can be accessed in the scheduled time through the ROOMS button next to each poster in the Detailed Program or from the Posters page.

Contacting other participants

The networking feature enables you to connect with any conference participant through our secure platform, the same way it allows everyone to connect with you. It is up to the contacted persons to decide if they want to network with you. No contact detail or personal information is shared between the two sides, and the communication is managed only through the virtual platform. Networking is available through clicking on your name in the top right corner, selecting Personal page, and then clicking on Networking in the left panel. On the networking page, you can enter the name (or select the contact from the list) and compose your message or reply to messages.

Contacting technical support

If you face technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact the technical support through Helpdesk. Here you can use the Chat option to communicate directly with the support personnel. Please type your message to the chat box and click send. This will add your question to the support queue, and one of our agents will reply to you as soon as possible. You can leave the chat and return to it at any time. You can have the chat open in a separate browser window while still watching the live stream or visiting other parts of the online event. The helpdesk operating hours are 1 hour before the conference starts on each day and during the conference.