Information for authors

All the contents of the congress should be available for registered participants for viewing for three months after the congress. Speakers can block the access to their presentations after live lecture but this is not much recommended since the meaning of the online access would be low then. Downloads of files will be prohibited. We will be using gCon system for hybrid presentations.

Presentation Upload & Speakers’ Preview

The virtual congress URL is:

Speakers and participants can login to the system with the same email used in Conftool. During the first login, you will be asked to create a password.

How to upload presentation

After login you can upload your presentation when you click on ‘MY PRESENTATION UPLOAD’. You can also add some documents, you would like to share with your audience.

You can check your connection and compatibility before the session under the button ‘SPEAKERS PREVIEW ROOM’. Please make sure you go through all the steps here.

Under ‘MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION’ you can see the summary of your active involvement and some information how will the hybrid sessions process.

How to upload a poster?

Go to MY POSTER UPLOAD and upload your file(s). You can add also a separate document – handout or similar to participants.

How to access poster virtual room?

To get to the virtual poster room go to POSTERS tab.

If you click on a poster session, you please click on ROOM option.

Then click ENTER and you will be directed to the poster virtual room. (The button will be green when your session will be live.)

How to enable networking?

There is option for NETWORKING so you can contact any other speaker or participants, you can make the connection test from here, upload the presentation, etc. 


Presenting live

Enter the live stream through MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION 10 minutes before your session starts. You will be advised how to proceed by the technical support, who is always present in each live session.


August 1-4

Conversion of Conftool data into hybrid presentation system gCon.
Conftool system will remain fully active. After July 31, new abstracts – poster presentations are in principle possible but in significantly more complicated way and with surcharge.

August 8, IUCr2021 gCon system has been prepared.

System for upload of all kinds of presentations open. All presentations must be uploaded to the conference server.
August 9-12. Optimal time for upload!!!
Each participant will have a login in the system based on E-mail address registered in Conftool and after the entrance a simple menu what to do.
All presentations will be checked technically and approved or returned, if not technically correct. Technical staff will be fully available.
Formats accepted: pptx, pdf, mp4 (limit 200 Mb). Both formats – 4:3 or 16:9 are possible for slides, the latter preferred.

August 13-21

Presentations can still be uploaded but technical control will be limited and it is not much recommended to leave it to this time, unless necessary.
Real participants can upload their presentations shortly before the session as usual in the speakers-ready room. However, they can also have additional files uploaded.

Scientific sessions – scheme

Standard scientific session should start with a brief introduction by the chair(s), 5 minutes.

Then two first (usually invited) speakers have 30 minutes including discussion, i.e. pure presentation should not be longer than 25 minutes.
Other contributed talks have 20 minutes including discussion, i.e. pure presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes.

There are exceptions only for a few sessions. They may have three invited longer talks, other contributed lectures should remain the same, so that such session is a little longer. Sessions with only shorter contributed talks. Specific conditions will be shown in the session description.


No special software is required to watch presentations, just common browsers. Speakers will have possibility of fast tests of their cameras and microphones in their menu.

Online lectures can be fully pre-recorded with sound in mp4 format, for example in case of inconvenient time difference, or only ppts, pdf formats uploaded. If the speaker is online then he/she will have full remote control of presentation (arrows, mouse as screen pointer) and can speak. Camera of the speaker should be activated.
Lecture room camera can move to watch speaker, chair or audience. Chairs can be remote. Online participants can put text questions into the corresponding window during the presentation or activate “raise hand” button to request live question (this requires very simple test of their microphone and camera by using build-in test) during the discussion. Chairs can also select questions from the Questions window. Remaining questions from there can be answered by the speaker any time later in Discussion window.

Speakers can add more files to their abstracts (additional documents, video), if they like.

Recorded lectures will be available in the system from about one week after the lecture (necessary edition) and then for about three months. In principle, ppt or pdf presentations are not accessible but the speaker can upload them as additional files.


Format for online posters is relatively free – pptx, pdf (can be identical with a file for printing), video in mp4. More files are possible for each author. We recommend a limit of 5 slides for ppts or 5 minutes for video but there is no strong limit. Posters are classified into sessions, in some cases identical with microsymposia, in other cases more general. All files will, however, be available any time with text Discussion open. It will be assumed that in the time of poster session the author should be available and able to answer quickly.

The author will also have a virtual room for live discussion with up to 25 people for 30 minutes in the second half of online poster session, in the first half chats can be used. Thsi is an optional feature but available for all the authors of posters since all the virtual rooms are paid by Bruker/Incoatec.

Real posters

Real posters are of format A0 portrait. Panel 2 (height) x 1 m, surface – carpet. In case of real poster, the upload of corresponding PDF file for online session is recommended.

A few electronic poster panels should be available too for viewing PDFs, not videos..

All online presentations can be evaluated (starred) by participants. Moreover, complete statistics of visits should be available so that for example the most popular presentations can be easily found.

Virtual foyer

Online live meetings will be possible for online participants in the build-in environment divided into several topical rooms by using the third-party software