Restrictions, travelling

Restrictions due to Covid

The situation with Covid in the Czech Republic has been improving significantly during last months from very bad numbers in February and March. The vaccination is also going faster.
There are still some regulations. e.g. required tests/vaccination certificates/certificate on Covid in last 6 months, carrying masks.

Regulations with respect to the congress will be shown here when they become clear for August.

Since June 8, the limit for inside events (including congresses) is 1 000 persons, and maximum 50 % capacity of rooms.

Travelling to the Czech Republic

The current conditions are always shown on the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and also with more details about Covid on the page of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.  They are updated weekly or more often and usually (in last weeks) in the direction of softening of conditions for more and more countries. Hopefully, this will continue in next weeks.

Travelling between the EU countries should be easier in summer (EU Digital COVID Certificate). Compatibility with UK and USA documents is under refinement.


Since 15 May 2021, vaccinated persons can enter the Czech Republic from Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, 22 days after receiving their first shot. They can also use services as for example hotels, restaurants etc.

Since June 21, all EU citizens and citizens of Serbia will be allowed to travel to the Czech republic, if they fulfill one of the conditions – vaccination (3 weeks after the 1st shot), tests, Covid in last 6 months. This will be specified.

Low-risk countries: Poland, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand – Travellers can come to the Czech Republic without any restrictions.

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Map valid from June 14, 2021