Restrictions, travelling

Restrictions due to Covid

The situation with Covid in the Czech Republic has been improving significantly during last months from very bad numbers in February and March. The vaccination is also going faster.
There are still some regulations. (e.g. required tests/vaccination certificates/certificate on Covid in last 6 months – the data in EU Covid pass) for some places like restaurants, events, conferences; carrying masks in many places indoor.

Since July 1, the limit for inside events (including congresses) is 2 000 persons, and maximum 75 % capacity of rooms.

Travelling to the Czech Republic

The current conditions are always shown on the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and also with more details about Covid on the page of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.  They are updated weekly or more often and usually (in last weeks) in the direction of softening of conditions for more and more countries. Hopefully, this will continue in next weeks.

EU Covid passes valid since July 1 (vaccination – test- Covid), EU Digital COVID Certificate. See also Re-open EU.

  • LOW RISK (green)
  • MEDIUM RISK (orange)
  • HIGH RISK (red)
  • VERY HIGH RISK (dark red)
  • EXTREME RISK (black). No travelling is recommended.

Persons travelling from the country with a low risk will be newly obliged to fill in the Passenger Locator Form and undergo an antigen or PCR test. Travellers from the countries with a high and a very high risk have to undergo a RT-PCR test 5th day after the arrival at the earliest. Until receiving a negative result of the test, it is necessary to self-isolate.

The exception from testing and self-isolation is applied to:

  1. Persons who had COVID-19 in the last 180 days (it is necessary to have a written medical certificate from EU+ country where the isolation was completed or a digital EU certificate on it).
  2. Persons fully vaccinated in the EU+ countries after at least 14 days from the application of the last dose (it is necessary to have a national certificate or a digital EU certificate).
  3. Czech citizens and EU+ citizens fully vaccinated in a third country with the EMA approved vaccination after at least 14 days from the application of the last dose (it is necessary to have a certificate whose sample is published on the Ministry of Health´s website).