Workshops and satellites

The registration for satellites and workshops is included in the IUCr2021 registration. Table with more details.

Title Organizers Time Place Capacity
Methods of Structural Biology Jan Dohnalek, BIOCEV, Czech Society for Structural Biology 11.-14.8. Vestec, near Prague
(independent registration)
School on Electron Crystallography Commission for Electron Crystallography, Xiodong Zou, Louisa Meshi, Lukáš Palatinus 11.-14.8 

Tabor, South Bohemia 100
School on Small-Angle Scattering – SAXS/SANS school Jan Ilavsky, Dmitri Svergun 11.-13.8. Kutna Hora 60
Workshop on Aperiodic and Magnetic Structures for Beginners Václav Petříček, Morgane Poupon, Margarida Henriques 12.-13.8 Prague, Holiday Inn 60
CCDC/FIZ FIZ, CCDC, Suzanna Ward, Annet Steudel 14.8 Prague Congress Centre 35
OLEX2 workshop Horst Puschmann 14.8 Prague Congress Centre 35
ICDD workshop ICDD 14.8 Prague Congress Centre 50
When should small molecule crystallographers publish raw diffraction data? CommDat, Simon Coles, Amy Sarjeant 14.8. Prague Congress Centre 40
MX Raw image data and metadata, formats and validation CommDat, Herbert J. Bernstein 14.8. Prague Congress Centre 40
GISAS workshop CSAS 14.8. Prague Congress Centre 40
XAFS workshop
(real only)
CXAFS 14.8. Prague Congress Centre 40
School on ePDF (electron Pair-Distribution Function) Tatiana Gorelik 23.-25.8. virtual
School on Computational Crystallography
Commission for Crystallographic Computing
Martin Lutz, Claudia Millán, Jan Rohlíček